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Soap dispenser for commercial bathrooms

The Fontana soap dispensers makes elegant, easy to fit, durable and modern automated soap dispenser for commercial bathrooms with solid brass body to make it resistant to any damage. It has made for commercial purpose only. The Fontana automated soap dispensers can be easily installed in any restroom such as restroom on road side, Best commercial gradeping malls, restaurants, any offices or buildings and hospitals where the uses of restrooms are frequent. That’s why material use in its manufacturing is of high quality and strong material. It is highly durable. It has the competency for delivering outstanding long term performance. This makes it ideal to use in heavy commercial area.

The dispenser is made on automatic sensor based technology. It promotes contamination free service as there is no touch system. The Fontana automatic mounted liquid foam soap dispenser can be easily fit any heavy commercial area. In addition to its easy fitting, it is nice and appealing in look as its style is modern and glaring. Its working is automated and on infrared basis. It is quite durable and provides life time working without any flaws. The use of soap dispensers is increasing now days. This technology makes the rest rooms nice in looks because of its delicate fitting. It doesn’t require much space and also makes cleaning easy. This type of technology in rest room promotes hygiene as it prevents bacterial contamination. And it reduces the wastage of soaps as well like spilling of soap etc.