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Smart sensor faucet

Only smart sensor faucet Touchless

The latest technology in bathroom fixtures today is the touchless, sensor technology that makes the use of faucets completely automatic. Sensor faucets are the latest trend in public bathrooms in particular because of their significant benefits for such settings. FontanaSensorFaucets is the ideal platform where to look for sensor faucets that combine style, contemporary features, and durability. FontanaSensorFaucets offers an extremely diverse range of sensor faucets for commercial settings like restaurants and hotels.

The faucets in this collection include a variety of finishes ranging from elegant matte black and glamourous gold finishes to traditional oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel finishes. Here, you can find faucets in both deck-mount and wall-mount varieties, and in a range of styles including the appealing waterfall or gooseneck styles. These faucets make use of the contemporary infrared sensor technology that eliminates any need to come into contact with the potentially contaminated faucet service in a public setting.

Sensor faucets offer numerous benefits for commercial bathrooms in terms of hygiene and water conservation. Since you no longer need to touch the fixture to turn the water on, there is no risk of getting contaminated or spreading diseases by the faucet’s surface. At the same time, since the user will not be controlling the water flow, water wastage will be significantly reduced. In short, if you are planning to upgrade a commercial bathroom and do not already have a sensor faucet installed, upgrading to the latest touchless technology is the first thing you should be considering.