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sensor touch kitchen sink faucet pull down

Fontana shower has come up with various varieties of sensor touch faucets that seem very attractive to the customers. all types of styles are acceptable in its regard. people mostly go for the contemporary styles that suit well with the interior of the kitchen. The basic purpose to come up with a sensor faucet was to keep pace with the modern technology and provide the customers with a graceful style. the technology might sound complex but it's simple to use that releases aesthetic vibes. The best finish for the faucet that might go well with all of the styles of your kitchen tiles is the brush nickel finish.

The sink faucets are deck Mount that have a single handle of swivel faucet. one only needs single hole for it’s installation. The type of flow is 2 way which also allows the flow of stream or spray. The best quality materials have been used for its construction. the solid brass material ensures the durability of the product. all accessories of installation and instruction manual is included in the package.

Both hot and cold-water flow smoothly from the faucet. the length of hose is 400 millimeters. Ceramic is the material used for the construction of valve core. this product can be used in both commercial and residential areas. All positive reviews have been received about the product up till now. The customers have presented their utter satisfaction for sensor faucet which is why its demand is increasing rapidly.