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Sensor soap dispenser commercial

Fontana Sensor Faucets offers a variety of sensor activated automatic soap dispensers for your commercial public restroom Projects. See our large collection Ideal for the hospitality and healthcare industries a commercial sensor soap dispenser is an easy and reliable fit for whatever place you want it be either it is a kitchen, a public bathroom or somewhere in the mall. The electronic sensor soap dispenser is wall mounted that makes it easily useable and contact-free to avoid germs. The infrared cells in the dispenser automatically detect the hands and the pump can be adjusted to minimize the wastage of the detergent in the dispenser. The light fixed in it is a low battery indicator. The window in the dispenser allows the soap level to be checked so that it is refilled when needed. The stainless-steel single covering allows it to be cleaned easily and makes the product maintainable. The device maintains its own temperature and limits it to a certain degree to avoid any disruption in the working.

The commercial sensor soap dispenser by Fauntana Faucets maintains its promise of providing the customer the best products by maintain the quality f their products. These sensor soap dispensers not only improve the ambiance of the place where ever they are installed but also give the user a satisfactory result upon use. The response time is speedy and the movement of hand is immediately sensed by the dispenser. The detergent released is a calculated amount and prevents the users from getting germs and also restricts the excessive use of the product. Fauntana Faucets is the best and reliable company that keeps its words by giving the best and keeping the customer satisfaction a high priority.