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Automatic Water Sink Faucet

On Sale Infrared Sensor Faucet

Best commercial grade bathroom faucets at FontanaSensorFaucets.

Give the commercial bathroom the luxe touch and give convenience to the public by installing touchless faucets in the bathroom. These sensor-operated faucets don’t have a knob to start water flow. Rather the infrared sensor senses the object beneath and starts water flow. Moreover, when your move hand it discontinues water flow. The touchless faucets are amazing pieces as they prevent the spread of diseases because of contactless handwashing. Moreover, these smart bathroom pieces are convenient and save water, it supplies water when the hand is in range of sensor and stops when you take away your hands. Thus, this reduces the overall wastage of water without any sacrifice of water pressure.

We have different models available in our catalog to install in commercial kitchens. These are deck-mount and wall mount faucets. Moreover, these features different finishes that suit your commercial bathroom design. Either you pick chrome, gold, rose gold, oil rubbed bronze, or stainless steel. All are durable and long-lasting. These are equipped with infrared technology and water flows when it senses an object. The sturdy sensor faucets are best to prevent the spread of disease and wonderful option t install in spas, restaurants, public toilets, hotels, and airports.

The sensor-operated faucets are easy to install and easy to maintain. The workers don’t feel any hassle to clean to faucets as there is no embedding of watermarks or fingerprints. These are reliable pieces that are energy efficient and easy to use.

Automatic Water Sink Faucet