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Sensor faucet for vessel sink

Only sensor faucet for vessel sink

It's water-saving and irrigation when you place your palms under the activation zone, it ceases when you place your hands out. It has a hands-free space that is touch less and is controlled by a micro-computer. It provides gentle contact to the aerator with the air technology in the water that makes the water soft and not splashing. This product has an Infrared Sensor. Factory sensor range is 15cm. Hold your hands in this distance, the water will flow automatically. Remove the side, the flood will pause. This motion sensor socket is going to make your washing tidy and comfortable.

Faucet aerator provides with a soft trickle of vapor, no spray and no saving of water. It has the most tolerance to lime and there is no need to remove and replace the aerator for washing. Perfect stream consistency and a very low noise level are the main qualities of this device. Faucet is built of chrome plated solid brass. It comes with a plate on the ground. The length of the plate is 6.1 inch. It is ideal for a single-hole basin. If you use an 8-inch 3-hole basin, you've got to plan another better plate in addition.

It's a single-hole basin tap. Part 1 - 3 of the faucet reduced function is 47mm. The acceptable thickness of the board is 25-45mm. The diameter of the stem part 2 is 20mm. Suitable deck gap is 20mm-30mm. There's a storage case at the end that takes 4AA alkaline battery (not included). You should buy a battery in your local shop. The water mixture valve must be controlled by the control box reservoir.