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sensor faucet and soap dispenser

The Touchless sensor faucet and soap dispenser that are Built to Last !

The two most important components in any bathroom are the faucet and the soap dispenser, particularly in a commercial setting where the two are indispensable. When upgrading a bathroom, these are perhaps the two fixtures that need to be upgraded. The touchless sensor technology is the most contemporary upgrade in bathroom fixtures and if you are deciding on upgrading a public bathroom, installation of touchless faucets and soap dispensers is what you should consider. To find the best faucets and soap dispensers for commercial bathrooms, browse the diverse collection available at FontanaSensorFaucets.

In its latest collection of sensor faucets and soap dispensers, FontanaSensorFaucets has returned with a very wide range of fixtures in a variety of finishes, styles, and features. Some of the most elegant finishes available in this category include gold, brushed nickel, and chrome. The faucets and soap dispensers in this category are in both wall- and deck-mount styles so you can choose whichever appeals to you more. The touchless/automatic technology makes for a very hygienic and user-friendly use in commercial settings. The faucet and soap dispensers in each pair are the perfect combinations to be installed in a bathroom.

The finishes are stylish, glamorous, and appealing, bound to add to the aesthetics of any bathroom interior. The touchless technology of these faucets and soap dispensers eliminates the risk of contamination through contact with the fixture and at the same time, reduces the likelihood of wastage of both water and the soap. In all, these faucets offer the perfect combination of durability, style, and contemporary features.