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pros and cons of touchless faucets

Touchless faucets are in high demand today. Fontana showers is producing a wide range of these products that seem very attractive to the customers. Having both merits and demerits, it still tops the list and has become the most demanded product of all times.

Every minute about 2 gallons of water is used when hands are washed in the sink. The faucet keeps running and mostly children play with the water. This is total wastage that has to be avoided. A hands free faucet is a good alternative that lets the water flow only at the time of need. Our hands are mostly contaminated with germs. When we touch anything with our hands there’s a possibility of spreading of germs. One is able to avoid this problem due to the advanced technology of the touchless faucets. Other than that we can have an easy access to the water. All we have to do is move our hands close to the faucet so that the sensor detects the need of user and the water flows gently.

Although touchless faucets provide benefits to the customers but sometimes they can very problematic due to their mechanical parts. They need the power of the battery to operate properly that can be quite costly as the batteries need to be changed off and on. As compared to traditional faucets, the touchless products have to be installed in a different way which is why a professional help is required. The temperature has to be kept in control with caution.