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monogram commercial deck mount automatic soap dispenser

The Fontana monogram commercial deck mount automatic soap dispenser is exactly the exclusive feature every commercial toilet needs. Its appearance goes in well with today’s modern or contemporary styled toilets or even looks exquisite in a traditional setting. They do not clash with anything but rather enhances the look of the room giving it a nice elegant feel. The monogram on it will proudly show the name or any hint of your company making it look exclusive and unique. This small customization instantly makes the place look more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. Added to this these soap dispensers are made of the finest quality which is very important considering the rough usage they go through in commercial toilets.

They are highly durable and long-lasting. Along with that, they do not cause any leakage or rust. They are very easy to refill, clean, and maintain as well. The best feature about these soap dispensers is that they are operated by sensors that detect hand motion whether to provide soap or not. A person's hand in front of the sensor provides soap while it stops providing once the hand is removed. This allows no wastage to occur as the soap stop coming after some time or when the person removes their hand. It also ensures a hygienic environment as unlike manual soaps in which numerous hands are touching the dispenser to get soap, no hands are touching the soap dispenser thus causing no germs to spread.