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monogram commercial automatic soap dispenser

The human and straightforward hands-free monogram commercial automatic soap dispenser is the most reliable item to wash your hands. The design is a delicate and antique piece of the dispenser. The silver colour coating on the surface makes it very unique and excellent in appearance. Silicon valves are fitted to make the opening of the soap convenient. A heavy-duty pump is also on the dispenser manufacturing that increases the pressure of the dispenser. To detect the sensitivity of the dispenser, sensory is also added. The unique thing with this item is that you can control the volume of soap instead of using it as a whole.

Features and Functions
The simple human hands-free sensor prevents your hands from touching the product. It prevents you from getting infected with germs, drops and smudges of soap. The sensor is very efficient and hassle-free. A very high power pump associated with the automatic dispenser gives and maintains the standard high pressure. The volume control facility helps you decide the quantity of soap that you need at the spot. The sensor sensitivity is much high with only 0.2 seconds detection time duration. The silicon valves prevent the drops and tripping of soap liquid. A large opening for dispensing makes the outflow of soap easy and smooth. Daily usage with plenty of washing chores is quickly done with this product.

Easily usable in home restroomss and restaurants due to its flexible features. All the products are according to US standards.