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LED kitchen faucets with touch sensor

LED kitchen faucets can be an amazing addition to any commercial kitchen. It is because the single technology faucet makes the washing work easy. The worker can easily tap with hand, finger, or even from the elbow. A simple tapping will start the water flow and tapping again will discontinue the water flow. In this way, it saves time, as well as makes the washing process super easy. Moreover, these touch faucets come with LED technology. The main advantage is that one doesn’t have to check the water temperature with hands rather the color of the LED will indicate what is the temperature of the theater. The color changes with a change in the temperature of the water. Usually, it is blue with cold water, green with moderate temperature while red with hot water.

These gooseneck kitchen faucets come with a thermostatic control system. Thus, once the user sets the temperature he always gets the desired temperature. These sink faucets are available in different designs like deck mount or wall mount type. Moreover, these come with power boxes that operate with alkaline batteries to generate the LED lights. The LED works with water pressure. When water flows with 0.3 Mpa to 0.6 Mpa it emits LED light. we have touch faucets with LED technology in premium grade with different finish options like rose gold, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, and chrome. These all are resistant to corrosion and best to install in any commercial kitchen.