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Kohler Automatic Soap Dispenser CommercialHigh End commercial deck mount automatic soap dispenser

By using non-touch technology such as touchless faucets helps reduce the spread of germs! Sensor Faucets | Commercial Lavatory & Bathroom in Public Facilities

Kohler Automatic Soap Dispenser Commercial

Fontana Sensor Faucet Best Touchless Faucet & Auto Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Easy To Install & Maintain. Using Touchless Faucets in a Commercial Restrooms will save you in few years hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of water waste.

We carry contemporary and industrial wide Selection of Commercial Style Touchless Faucets & Auto Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser. Browse new and Best technology for our project. Our stainless steel soap dispensing system has provided Evolution with the intervention of modern technology, as it became the need of today’s contemporary world. FontanaSenserFaucet is the best source for designers and architects, we provide the best user experience when washing hands in any commercial facility. The satisfaction of customers determine our quality assurance. Soap dispensing system is Having a wide range of choices for their users. We provide the best quality soap dispenser in the market. Our Sleek design fulfilling all the levels of your satisfaction can Compete in the market. We provide a huge range of Soap dispensers such as Gold brushed, nickel, silver, as well as Manual and Automatic.

Be it the Kohler automatic soap dispenser or one of our masterpieces of production, you will find best quality sensors installed in our projects, that pour a Sufficient amount of viscous liquid soap on your hand in a couple of Milliseconds. We installed an IR blaster (infrared) With its best working position Under the Dispenser. You just have to put a bit of your hand on the IR blaster. It will instruct the soap dispensing system to pour a Sufficient amount of soap. This process would take Milliseconds. The Product will assure its quality by its work and design. Our Production quality remains the same as every product you choose from here. We assure the quality of product to our every valuable customer.