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Hands free sensor operated faucets

The Fontana hands-free sensor-operated faucets are designed to meet your highest demands. They are made for today’s modern and contemporary style bathrooms or will even look exquisite in a traditional setting. The best thing about them is that they will not clash with any other fixture, design, or pattern so that the upgrade can be made without making any changes. Their elegance will change the aesthetics of the bathroom completely giving it a classy and luxurious look. The quality of these faucets is one of the finest. They hardly leave any scratches, show any water spots, and are very easy to clean and maintain as well.

They are also known for their durability and longevity. These hands-free faucets are operated with the help of sensors meaning there is no need to touch the faucet to use it. Many faucets operate manually being turned off or on. The sensor detects the motion of your hand and determines whether to turn the water on or off. If your hand is in front of the sensor they automatically turn on and turn off as soon as your hand is removed. This method does not allow any water wastage which can be a concerning issue in commercial toilets as people are forgetful about turning the water off. Also in commercial toilets germ can spread due to people touching the faucet. Sensor faucets maintain a hygienic environment due to people not touching them.