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The ideal choice; Sensor Faucets for residential and commercial commercial touchless bathroom faucet

Decrease public restroom touchpoints as much as possible. From no-touch faucets to automatic soap dispensers.

With sensor technology Commercial Automatic motion sensor faucets and Auto Soap Dispensers for Office Buildings, Hospitals, Public facilities, Restaurants. How to select best commercial touchless bathroom faucet Automatic faucets were first developed in the 1950s but were not produced for commercial use until the late 1980s when they first appeared to the general public at airport lavatories. They have gradually become commonplace in more developed countries.[4] Because of their assistive qualities, automatic motion sensor faucets are often found at assistive living establishments and places where the elderly and handicapped individuals call home. Automatic faucets are water saving devices, helping save 70% of the water that would otherwise swirl down the drain unused and conserve as much as 3-5% of the water used by a standard household. Other benefits of automatic faucets are found in inhibiting the spread of germs which are known to thrive on faucet handles, as well as help prevent or mitigate scalding incidents caused by hot water flowing out of the faucet.[5]n the past, faucets were not a primary focus of water efficiency advocates, given that the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct 92) and subsequent EPAct actions limited faucet flows to 2.2 gpm (8.3 L) (at 60 psi). In the mid-1990s, however, the U.S. model plumbing codes and the U.S. standard (ANSI standard ASME A112.18.1) further reduced that maximum flow rate to 0.5-gpm (1.9 L) for public (non-residential) applications. The 0.5 gpm standard for non-residential applications is frequently neglected by design professionals and building owners as many people are simply unaware of this standard and the implementing plumbing codes. Some believe that the maximum flow rate for faucets in non-residential applications is still the EPAct rate of 2.2 gallons per minute (8.3 L), but this is untrue.

Unfortunately, this myth has taken hold and gotten serious traction among design professionals, specifiers, plumbing contractors, and building owners. The result of this confusion has been and continues to be the illegal installation of non-compliant faucets in some new commercial projects. For all of your motion sensor faucet projects, new or retrofit, contemporary or traditional you will find your desired faucet fixtures & accessories at Fontana. Feel free to browse our store you can combine style and functions to perfectly match your needs.

Automatic faucets have the advantage of shutting off automatically after hand washing, thereby reducing water waste. When installed in a home, sensor faucets alleviate the need for parents to ensure that children have turned off the faucet. They can also benefit the elderly and those suffering from arthritis or other mobility limiting conditions since there are no handles to twist or pull. Their automatic shutoff mechanism also greatly reduces the risk of sink overflow due to a faucet being left on either inadvertently or deliberately. Fontana touchless faucets offer long term reliable solution for any commercial restroom.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Sensor Faucets

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