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commercial touchless soap dispenser selling to Australia

The sudden increase of the commercial touchless soap dispenser in markets is due to trend for smart washrooms, concerns on hygiene such as now day’s covid-19 issue. Australia markets ranks 7th in the world in this technology. The Fontana Commercial Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser dispense soap after detect eye as a sensor. It has chrome finished brass body. It dispenses the liquid soap which reduces the wastage of soap and bacterial contamination. Being automatic device, it reduces the un-hygienic condition by preventing the bacterial and other germs spread. This technology limits the over usage of soap, water and time as well.

The soap container has 0.39 gal soap. Its body is type of stainless steel. The gadget has proper straining system to prevent sun dries to stick into the valve. The strainer is easy to clean as well to maintain the function of system and increase its long time performance. The gadget is fully default-in sensor system. It has made economically friendly, as it system works easily on multi-voltage power supply suitable input voltage is AC100-240V. The body is made up of brass and chrome finished to make it suitable for commercial purposes like offices, building, malls, public toilets and hospitals etc. Its body has made highly durable for use in commercial purpose. The technology is easy to fit at any point in rest room. The fitting is wall mounted. The Fontana commercial touchless soap dispensers are design in modern ways for giving dazzling look to your restroom.