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commercial touchless soap dispenser contemporary design

Rethinking Public Restroom Design in the Age of COVID-19. The FontanaSensorFaucet manufactures beautiful and dazzling commercial deck mount soap dispenser. It is available in shiny gold color. It is excellent in working, easy to use and easy to install. Its installation anywhere in restroom is eye catching. The manufacturer has made soap dispenser in modern style with sophisticated fitting. It makes your cleaning work easiest. It has made for both commercial and residential. It can be easily fitted as a substitute in restroom. It has built in sensitive sensor with infrared aluminum smart chip in automatic soap dispenser. The body of soap dispenser is made of solid brass. The body is resistant to corrosion as it is made of solenoid covering. The sensor is designed in such a way that it is self-adjusting.

It detects the motion by adjusting itself in the best detection zone with the help of controlling chip. As it is sensor based technology, so there is no water dripping and 100% touch free system. The most important thing is, it is highly hygienic. The reason it is totally automatic sensor based having no touch system. There will be no transfer of germs or cross contamination and re-contamination. This quality makes it ideal to use in public restrooms, restaurants, offices, Best commercial gradeping malls, public facilities and hospitals. Now days, the automatic commercial touchless soap dispenser is highly preferable because of COVID-19. This sanitary fitting will surely prevent the spread of this pandemic. Customer should consider it while purchasing sanitary fitting for restroom.