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Commercial sink soap dispenser

A commercial sink soap dispenser is mounted on the sink that has two-in-one use. The soap dispenser has a pump that pumps soap and the tap provides water for washing hand. Other such products include automatic commercial sink soap dispensers that are fixed on or over the sink and are run by sensors. These automatic dispensers sense the hand movements and provide the right amount of soap and water that help to conserve these too. The dispensers are made of steel that are resistant and rust-free. The soap dispensers are a perfect fit to improve the look of your commercial kitchens, personal bathrooms or office use.

These dispensers come in a variety of colors including silver, gold, matte black and rose gold. As Fontana offers quality and quantity not only the variety is available in design and colors but also the price ranges are vast so that everyone is being able to afford our products. The price ranges from approximately $400 - $900 and every price range has different types of designs and colors so that no one feels left out. The sink soap dispensers do not demand fixing as the product life span is long and the maintenance cost would be very low as it works perfectly for long. The soap dispenser once installed would show how convenient it is and how it makes your life easy and yet keeps the place according to the current standards of advancements and elegance. Fontana does not just offer products but it offers a lifestyle.