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Commercial shower foaming soap dispenser

Fontana commercial shower foaming soap dispensers look like faucets. They are elegant in appearance and adorable in use. They are similar to soap dispensers. The thing that creates a difference in both is the shape of the valve. Fontana foaming soap dispensers are perfect and match with all kinds of faucets. These are best to save about 70% of the soap. Foaming soaps are created by infusion of water and air with soap. These shower foaming soap dispensers are of stainless steel, metal, and chromic plated material. Their high-quality and durability make them favorite among all. These are available in different shapes & sleek designs. You can fix them in public washrooms, restrooms, and restaurant's bathrooms and homes. They are touch-free and have infrared ray emission and reception technology that makes them secure and convenient for use.

The brass-plated spout is durable for long-term use. Fontana offers three years warranty on the quality and durability of shower foaming soap dispensers. These showers are powered by both AC and DC operations. For AC operation battery is 110-240V. They have a maximum of 1.8 GPM flow rate. The best thing about these dispensers is that you can adjust the time and foam amount in them. You can use them in hospitals as well. Deck mounted & wall mounted automated foaming soap dispensers are also available. They are hygienic and safe for commercial use. They are available in silver and gold colors. You can get these Fontana showers from us at affordable prices.