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Commercial sensor soap dispenser

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Automatic soap dispensers mounted in the commercial areas are full-fledged proof of modern advancement. With the change in the surroundings, FontanaSensoeFaucets offers an incredibly verbal commercial sensor soap dispenser. Fontana provides you with the best of designs, styles, and finishes. One can pick according to his own choice. They look so classy and elegant that anyone can drive his attention to this wonderful offer. They are auto-operated and have specific infrared technology to sense the human hands. it saves your time. Convenient to use. Infrared chips are mounted which are operated by a specific multi-voltage battery. The battery should be purchased separately.

The chip aids to provide it the sensing technology. Senses the infrared radiation of the human body and dispenses the liquid soap on the hand. This auto-response by the soap dispenser helps in preventing the germ from spreading. It gives complete hygienic benefits. Minimize the transmission of germs especially in public places. You can get the desired liquid without touching it for a switch on. Germ contamination can be lowered. They are best to use in commercial units like hotels, restaurants, offices, restrooms, and other industrial units. The material used is of good strength which provides reliability and long-lasting functioning. They are available in different styles, designs, colors, and finishes. They are available in gold and black finish, bronze, polished silver and oil rubbed bronze. Fontana provides you high-quality fixtures according to your taste. They look very elegant when installed in your bathroom interior.