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Commercial kitchen hand faucets touchless

Touchless Infrared Commercial Sensor Faucets

Motion detector faucets are the most advanced form of faucets that are available in the market and they are exceptionally useful for restrooms at a commercial scale as well. FontanaSensorFaucets have a whole lot of variety of these faucets to be used in kitchens commercially in places likes kitchens, hotels and hospital kitchens etc. Kitchen touchless faucets from Fontana are widely considered as the best in the business and rightly so. They come in a huge variety and compromise of different shapes and finishes that you can match perfectly according to the aesthetics of you kitchen. As it is meant to be used commercially it has been constructed out of solid brass.

The solid brass provides a very strong body and a rigid base which makes sure that however the product is used it will remain in proper working condition. In kitchen use, the motion sensor faucet has a lot of convenience. If you are doing your dishes or want to wash something and your hands are not clean, you won’t even have to touch the faucet and the water will flow and stop automatically as detected by the infrared sensor. The best part about the product is its contemporary design and how simple it is to install. It doesn’t require any form of complex plumbing and comes with all of it already installed so you can mount it universally anywhere you like. The designs and finishes available in them are gorgeous and will no doubt enhance your kitchen’s look and is guaranteed to provide you a great experience.

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Commercial kitchen hand faucets touchless