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Commercial industrial soap dispenser

ADA compliant commercial restroom and lavatory motion activated faucets and Touchless soap dispensers. The Best Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser for Commercial Applications mainly for high traffic, high-end public toilet facilities. FontanaSensorFaucets are providing the soap dispensers of high range quality, sizes, style and durability.

The cleanliness and hygiene should be the first priority in industrial restroom. Keeping this in point of view, we are providing touch less sensor automatic soap dispenser for industrial restrooms. These soap dispensers provides high standard of hygiene by providing touch less soap dispenser. The prevention of spreading of germs and contamination decreases the workers loss of work productivity.

That may be increase due to illness. The other reason that compels customers to use our products is preventing the wastage of soap by avoid its spilling and excessive use. This also reduces the expenses on Find Best commercial gradeing new soap frequently. The cleaning process also becomes easier for the workers.

These industrial touch free soap dispensers available in both forms of installation; Deck mounted and wall mounted. The finish of soap dispensers with oil rubbed bronze, chrome and gold, bronze gives you restrooms a glaring and eye catching look. The body of soap dispenser is of solid brass to make it hard for commercial purposes. Their structure is designed in such a way that they are easy to use and easy to install occupy less space in your restrooms. The automatic sensor in dispenser makes it stops by auto controlling system.

These commercial stainless steel touchless soap dispensers have integrated indicator system that indicates the sign of refilling. There is no physical effort for opening and checking the quantity of soap present inside it. The use of this newest technology will definitely upgrade your restrooms.