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Commercial countertop foam soap dispenser

For Best Public Restroom Design & Planning; Fontana Sensor Faucets offers a variety of sensor activated automatic soap dispensers for your commercial public restroom Projects. See our large collection. FontanaSensorFaucets aims to provide excellent fixtures to its users. These fixtures are not only easy to use but provide you a leading lifestyle as well. They are very classy. They will give your bathroom a very graceful and diligent look. These countertop foam dispensers dispense the soap in the form of foam. To fulfill your needs and making your life more convenient and easy, Fontana introduces excellent commercial countertop foam soap dispensers which are not only eye-catching but are reliable also. We do not compromise in quality. These soap dispensers are durable and anti-resistant also. They are best to be used in the commercial area units like hotels, restaurants, offices, restrooms, and other public spots. They are easy to install on the sink. The liquid soap in the filler can be monitored. It can be refilled easily. They contain liquid soap in the filler and have a push-button by which soap comes out in the form of soap. It is time-saving and looks decent too.

You can go with any color contrast because of its wide range of colors and finishes. You can select any fixture according to your taste. They are available in gold, polished silver, bronze, and even matte black as well. They all look very classy and eye-catching and fit best with your bathroom interior. Fits all US standard plumbing. They give a very trendy and upgraded look to your bathrooms. And it is convenient to use in public places. It reflects the classy choice of owners.