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commercial automatic foam soap dispenser

Post-pandemic commercial restroom design trends - Plumbing; Fontana automatic foam soap dispensers promise practicality and ease. They are designed to go in very well with today’s modern or contemporary style bathrooms give it a classy yet elegant feel thus changing its aesthetics completely. The automatic foam soap dispenser is also made from the finest quality to ensure a delightful experience and keeping in mind the rough usage of a commercial bathroom as well. The material is highly durable and promises longevity. It does not rust nor does it cause any leakage. All these factors contribute to it lasting a long time.

Foam soap dispensers also give a very satisfying experience providing a rich lather due to which it becomes much better than normal liquid soaps. These foam soap dispensers are automatic which further contributes to their excellence. They are operated through sensors that detect hand motion to determine when to turn on and stop. When a person puts their hand in front of the soap dispensers the foam starts to come and stops after a specific time frame. This adds a lot of benefits as it allows no soap wastage to occur, which is a common problem among manual soap dispensers. Along with this it also ensures a clean and hygienic environment as no people are touching the soap dispensers which will not cause any germs to spread thus promising a clean and safe environment. Upgrade to Fontana automatic foam soap dispensers for an easy and practical solution.