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Modern bathroom faucets touchless

Widest Selection of Commercial Style Touchless Faucets. ADA compliant commercial restroom and lavatory electronic faucet. Whenever it comes to upgrading your bathroom room Fontana showers makes sure that no little detail is left behind. Providing style and finishes you’re looking for Fontana showers are the one you need to be opting for. We provide bathroom upgrades with up to date that provides a nice finished look to your bathroom.

Provides no transfer of germs or contamination by not touching the faucet. It provides less wastage of water while washing our hands and less wastage of soap. Our touchless sensor faucet are designed in a way not to waste any water or soap with attached light indicators. It has a solenoid function, light flashes when battery is low. Our touchless sensor faucets have built in strainers, that don’t let the dust stay much longer. Easy to maintain and clean. This water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure and you do not have to worry about exchanging germs or cross contamination. Faucets can be mounted to any sink surface.

It is intelligent with its micro-computer controlling its action, the faucet will self adjust its best detection zone as per the colour and shape of lavatory. We provide wide range of touchless faucets made up of many different materials. Our faucets are easy to maintain and well equipped.