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Fontana kitchen faucets moen touchless kitchen faucet

Widest Selection of Commercial Style Touchless Faucets. Apart from restrooms, touch less electronic or automatic sensor faucets are in demand by customers in kitchens as well. The FontanaSensorFaucets are made touch less electronic or sensor types of faucets that are available in different sizes, styles and shapes. The hygiene level in kitchen is also very important. These faucets not only give high level of hygiene standard but also promote the glamour, beauty and elegancy of your kitchen. Touch less faucets reduces spreading of bacterial contamination. This also reduces the use of expensive disinfectants in kitchen for cleaning purposes.

They are available in different styles from simple to modern. Their faucets are already set with temperatures, flow rate and some have already integrated counter mixers in their body. You can easily use it without the headache of mixing, once when you set the temperature. The flow rate can be adjusted to prevent the extra wastage of water. Automatically shut off system reduces the water loss by closing the water flow within am already set specific time period.

These faucets have by default sensor system which opens them when they sense or detect the sensor. These faucets are available in both wall mounting and deck mount setting depending upon their installation. The energy friendly system is present in them. This prevents the excess use of energy and it promotes long life of batteries. The finished chrome, light oil rubbed bronze or black body also gives them a glaring look and makes them anti-corrosive.