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Battery powered soap dispenser commercial

Soap Dispensers for Public Bathrooms reducing the spread of germs and making them one of the most hygienic options available. Our AUTOMATIC soap dispensers will help ensure that your customers always have a clean restroom to use. Fontana showers caused others to wonder again with its another creation of soap dispenser that is powered up with the battery. The soap is greatly dispensed and the dispenser has a perfect finish one can even not imagine in his wildest dreams. The capacity of the product to hold the soap is 5 liters. Operated by battery means the eye of the sensor gets the hint that somebody is in the need of soap. You do not have to touch it.

Instead the soap pops out smoothly for you to wash your hands thus saving water, time and itself. The voltage of the power supply must be set between 100 to 240 volts. Since you don’t have to touch it this means you’re safe from catching any sorts of germs or bacteria. This also keeps the product free from any stains which makes the cleaning process quite easy for you. The construction has been done in a way that the dispenser can be used for a long time. A built in strainer is also its part which further eases the cleaning process as it keeps impurities away from the solenoid valve. It is a perfect fit for commercial areas but is also referred to be used as a residential product. High technology is used for creating the masterpiece that has eased the process of washing hands through dispensers. It’s a benefit for both creators and users of product