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American standard commercial auto soap dispenser

See our Premium Touchless Hardwired and Battery Operated Automatic Soap Dispenser w/Adjustable Soap Dispensing Volume Control. Fontana showers has launched a great variety of soap dispensers that follow the American styles. The mostly used soap dispensers can be easily mounted on the walls and produce sufficient foam efficient enough for one person. The product comes in different designs and styles to provide a good range to the people for selecting it according to their own taste. Smooth finish touches given to the dispensers to maintain its beauty for a long time. Used in commercial areas, most of the dispensers come with a design that can hold up to 1500ml of soap. The eye of the sensor basically detects that a person is in need of soap and lets it flow smoothly from the hole. The input voltage must be set between 100 to 240 volts with the use of power supply.

The technology has been designed in a way that nobody is able to waste soak water or their time. The standard dispenser also comes in touchless forms where you can save yourself from catching the germs and bacteria as you will not be touching the faucet so handles. It has a Built in strainer that can be maintained without any difficulty. The strainer of the product is not difficult to clean at all. usually cleaning is not needed because the solid wall does not let any sundries cover it with impurities. It matches very well to all the standard plumbing requirements of United States and can be used at public places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals, restrooms, etc.