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Zurn Motion Sensor Faucet

American Standard Motion Sensor Faucet is a commercial faucet that is specially designed to meet heavy traffic. American standard brand offers the best quality products with advanced batteries and other accessories with 10- year warranty due to the PWRX battery system. These products come in a variety of designs and styles. American Standard Motion Sensor Faucet has a non-dripping performance with a scratch-resistant finish. It is powered by interchangeable power supplies. The spout has a streamlined and clean style that gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. It is ideal for enhances the appeal of contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. It has selectronic hands-free technology that allows the water to flow after sensing the hands.

Furthermore, it controls the water flow and saves it from waste. The self-sensing adapter detects the surroundings and sets its range automatically according to that environment. For keeping the hole clean and reducing maintenance, it is equipped with a self-cleaning solenoid and wiper spring. This wiper spring also prevents clogging inside the faucet. . There is no check box for control all the electronics are present in the spout. It allows the customer to adjust the temperature manually and the indicator detects hot and cold water with blue and red light. You can also adjust the temperature with a remote. It also comes with a dual inlet that prevents water from mixing. American Standard Motion Sensor Faucet has an easy installation and maintenance process. Moreover, it automatically shuts off in case of battery loss or death. Lead content is less than 0.25% which means it is safe for use. This product is ideal for commercial and residential use.

HighTech Zurn Motion Sensor Faucet