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Trying to get the water running on a motion activated faucet can be a very frustrating experience sometimes. Understanding the way a sensor faucet works can be helpful in this case, as touch less faucets are becoming increasingly popular in public restrooms. The first thing you should do is to locate the position on the sensor on the faucet, so you know where you should focus your actions. There are different types of sensors: for some the mere presence of your hands in their vicinity is enough to trigger the water running, others need to detect movement as well, since the water is supposed to run only when you are washing your hands. Some of the sensors include a timer which will automatically turn the water off after a certain period of time.
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Most sensor faucets allow the settings to be adjusted. So it can happen that the running time for the water is set very low or the infrared sensor is set to turn on the water only when it detects a very strong signal. Of course this can be extremely annoying for someone trying to wash their hands. If you want to avoid the hassle as much as possible follow our advice:

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- Try to avoid the dry sinks, with no traces of water in them, it is usually an indication of the fact that other people have tried to use them without success.

- The sensor is placed behind a small black lens somewhere on the faucet. Once you located it your chances to trigger it should be considerably higher, as you will know where to place your hands. You should also place your hands in front of it in a way that will maximize the reflection. Also take into account that some sensors can be set to detect movement only in a very close range, so get your hands as close as possible to it.

- Have patience and give the sensor a little time to activate, for power saving reasons it might be set to detect signals at short intervals (usually less than a second).

Although automatic sensor faucets can be annoying sometimes, this is mostly due to the individual settings the owners made. Considering the environmental and financial benefits that come with the substantial water saving they provide and the undeniable hygienic advantages it is probably well worth learning a few tricks that will tame the most stubborn ones.
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