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Vandal Resistant Soap Dispensers

The Industrial Automatic Countertop Soap Dispensers are a perfect solution for any commercial restroom. Moreover, soap dispensers are considered as an essential design element for the bathroom so their importance cannot be denied. The installation of such dispensers are simple. Such smart touchless operation has the potential to add a sparkle of architectural design element for any high end restroom project. Not only this, but it falls into the category of contemporary soap dispensers for hygiene touchless operations. The life span and durability of Fontana Soap Dispensers go beyond 10 years operations, and will work effortlessly for life in any high traffic restroom.

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Such advantage of this vandal soap dispenser is the automatic feature, smart no touch just placing your hand under it you can use the exact amount of soap instantly. Moreover, for the easiness of applications, it provides two options i.e. battery power DC or AC power both options are available on all our soap dispensers (AC/DC options). The fact our soap dispensers can be refilled with no hassle, no worry, hence best refill application advantage. The Industrial Automatic Countertop Soap Dispensers is equipped with built-in infrared motion sensor detection technology. By the dint of it, individuals hand by one pass can easily be detected and will automatically pump an appropriate amount of soap. This soap dispenser is a perfect example of smart touch-free operation. Commercial toilets host many visitors, hence several germs can be distributed, especially by touching the dispenser, while touchless operation dispensers prevent this from happening and the soap dispenser, which can use hand-soap, fluid cleansing, or sanitizer soap dispenser. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. For added toughness and reliability, the soap dispenser shell is made entirely of 304 stainless steel, with unique liner materials and technology to prevent rust.