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Touchless Infrared Commercial Sensor Faucets

Rethinking Public Restroom Design in the Age of COVID-19.

Fontana Sensor Faucets infrared motion detector is the ultimate mix of high-end detailing and trendy look. And it's ideally adapted for industrial locations. It has the power to save your money from the storm. It also saves water with the help of its automated technology. By using high-end technologies, water wastage is minimized by eliminating unsupervised water flow. Not only these, but it also avoids infection and re-contamination of bacteria by preventing contact with faucets. This faucet is composed of highest level materials. And due to this aspect, its degree of longevity would improve naturally. And it will remain longer than the value of your income.

For the accessibility, of clients it is provided with powerful technology that makes its use reliable and easy to maintain. This infrared motion sensor socket for commercial use has the ability to increase a shimmer to the magnificence of the toilet. The modern style of this faucet enhances the decoration of the bathroom, a blend of outstanding tastes and elevated materials.

Without any worry, add it to the decoration of your bathroom. And even after 6 or 7 years, your bathroom would have a contemporary look. This motion sensor hood is suitable for use in private restrooms, commercial public laundries, and hotels. In addition, it is fitted with an advanced micro-computer interface that controls its operation. The water level of this socket is outstanding with a reasonable water flow. Both infrared motion detector sockets are commercially available at reasonable expense.

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