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Touchless Faucet Temperature Control

There are many touchless and sensor operated faucets available in the market but none of them provide the quality that is provided by FontanaSensorFaucets. Our touchless faucets with temperature control are one of the best available in the market and provide more features than the normal ones. First of all they come with sensors that come with uneatable performance so that it is extremely accurate. The sensor system allows touchless control over faucet due to which it is very useful in terms of hygiene as there is no contact with it. This is especially useful in public and commercial areas like hospitals, kitchens and public bathrooms. Unlike most touchless faucets available in the market it comes with a temperature control system so if you want cold water you can get it and if you want warm then it is also possible.

The functioning is totally flawless and fast, the water flow stops and starts almost instantly as it detects the movement. Moreover the build quality is high grade as well because as solid product must also be complimented a solid built. The product has been made using solid brass material. That makes the entire deck along with the faucet extremely solid. The experience of this product is absolutely outclass and can fit perfectly with any bathroom. The faucet comes with all fittings and can be used with any standard plumbing that we have in our homes. It is a perfect upgrade to your faucet.

HighTech Touchless Faucet Temperature Control