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Touchless Faucet Infrared Sensor Adapter

Most Fontana sensor faucets are digitally calibrated electronics meaning they automatically adjust to environmental conditions thus preventing any false faucet start. Our touch less infra-red sensor faucet makes your washroom modern and lavish. It gives an eye catching and glaring look to your restroom and kitchen. The solid brass body makes it resistant and suitable for use in commercial and residential area. The structure is quite durable which provides long term performance without any interference. The chrome finished surface sparkles your restroom and kitchen. It also protects the faucet with corrosion. The faucet minimizes the wastage of water flow as it has an auto-control shut system. The time frame of faucet is by default set, but it is adjustable as well. Normally is shut off after 30 seconds which reduces the wastage of water flow. The faucet has both installation wall and deck mount.

As the faucet are touch less in function so the chances of spreading germs is minimum. In this way it increases the hygiene level of your restrooms and kitchen. The pressure of water is good enough so that maximum cleanliness takes place. The size of faucets is quite suitable so that they occupy less space and looks normal in your restrooms and kitchen. The energy design is suitable which helps in less consumption of energy. The working of the sensor is functional because of the smart chip of Al. The structure of the faucet is leakproof. The sensing distance is in a suitable range for detection of an object. The range distance is not fixed it is adjustable. The installation and use of these faucets are quite easy.