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Touchless Sensor Faucets that are Built to Last

The Fontana Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucets are designed to provide the utmost comfort. They are designed to go in with modern or contemporary styled bathrooms but will also be the highlight of any traditional bathroom. They are best for commercial bathrooms such as hotel rooms or airports as they don’t clash with any other fixture, designs, or patterns, in turn, they change the aesthetics of the bathroom completely giving it a nice elegant feel. These touchless bathroom faucets are made of the finest quality to maintain a good standard. They hardly leave any scratches, do not show any water spots, and are very easy to clean and maintain as well. They are extremely durable and lasts a long time which is extremely crucial for a commercial toilet as the products should have a long life.

Apart from this it also does not produce any harmful chemicals ensuring the water remains clean and pure. These faucets are touchless with the help of sensors. This means that when washing hands you don’t have to touch the tap to turn it off or on. The sensor will detect the movements of your hands, if they are in front of the sensor the water will automatically turn on and will turn off once your hand is removed. This proves to be helpful especially with commercial bathrooms. Often people tend to forget to turn off the faucet, the sensor will help eradicate that problem and the water won’t get wasted. Also will prove to be germ-free with no hands touching it.