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Touchless Bathroom Faucets

A touchless faucet enables you to turn on the water flow without touching it using
active infrared sensor technology. Touchless faucets can help a homeowner save
money over time and preserve water. These faucets are a great way to prevent the
transmission of bacteria and other pathogens throughout a house. To know more
about Touchless Bathroom Faucets, keep on reading:

Fontana Touchless Bathroom Set Of Motion Sensor

Faucet & Automatic Soap Dispenser

Motion sensor faucets and automatic soap dispensers are sensor operated, making them
effective and hygienic toilet solutions for high-traffic areas. The technology's simplicity of use
makes cleaning much simpler. The touchless motion sensor faucet prevents the transfer of
germs by eliminating cross-contamination and re-contamination. Sensor faucet has an
integrated Infrared AI smart chip and 100% touchless operation. Best choice for commercial
usage in restaurants, offices, public spaces, hospitals, and bathrooms for the general public.

Fontana Rio Commercial Goose Neck Brushed Nickel Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucets Bathroom

Motion detection touchless sensor faucet is long-lasting with a solid-brass structure. Drip-free
ceramic disc cartridge is effortless and durable to use. The factory default setting for the sensitive
sensors is adjustable to a 30-second auto-shutoff. It has 10 to 125 psi water pressure and is
simple to install with brushed nickel construction and housing for a waterproof solenoid. Fontana
Rio commercial gooseneck brushed nickel touchless automatic sensor faucets bathroom is
a modern energy-saving technology for long battery life and includes all necessary hoses and

Mira Touchless Bathroom Faucet

This sleek bathroom faucet combines minimalist style and flowing modern contours.
This Mira Touchless Bathroom Faucet is made of brass and has a fashionable appearance.
It can be installed with a ceramic disc rough-in valve and only needs two faucet holes. The
brushed nickel finish has quickly risen to the top of the list of popular finishes for bathroom
decor. The deck-mount installation frees up your countertop or sink, while the contemporary
style improves the appearance and seamlessly blends into your bathroom's decor. Fontana
Showers has the form, finish, and designs of the new bathroom sink faucets you're looking for.
You may completely avoid the mess and the spread of germs by being touch-free. The faucet
may be opened and closed with just a quick hand motion. Because there is no user-to-user
contamination, touchless faucets have this as their key advantage over touch faucets.