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Touchless Bathroom Faucet

When it comes to bathroom accessories, whether it's faucets, soap dispensers, or shower systems, automatic products are among the finest. Moreover, touchless bathroom faucets are manufactured of high-quality materials that provide total customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the sleek and modern designs ensure that your bathroom is given a whole new level of ambiance with functionality. The devices are designed primarily for business use, but they operate pretty well in residential bathrooms. The touchless soap dispensers are also one of our most popular and in-demand items, along with faucets to make the perfect pair. These faucets are perfect for anyone who wishes to prioritize beautiful designs over anything else. A considerable variety of them is present at Fontana Sensor Faucets.
Some of the best-selling and most popular products are mentioned below:

1. Solo Touchless Commercial Sensor Faucet

The thing that makes Solo Commercial from other faucets is its ability to use both hot and cold water. You can buy it in just a single variation as well. But this comes with both hot and cold-water options too. You can even add a water mixture to achieve the perfect water temperature. Also, it is built like a tank with the help of brass and comes with a sleek finish that is simply stunning, and you can’t go wrong with it.

2. Fontana Verona Bathroom Touchless Faucet

This also comes with both hot and cold water settings like the last one. However, the highlighting feature of this product is the design. The design is made to symbolize luxury, and it is one of the highest quality products you can find at Fontana Sensor Faucets. It comes in a beautiful ORB finish, and the design is contemporary that is made to fit in perfectly with any modern bathroom and give it luxurious aesthetics.

3. Fontana Commercial Brushed Nickel Touchless Faucets with Soap Dispenser

This product is made especially for commercial spaces where you require a soap dispenser along with your faucet. The build quality is simply flawless as it is made using an excellent quality brass that makes sure that the product is sturdy and withhold the test of time. The sensor is perfect because it uses an infrared sensor instead of the conventional sensors used in other faucets. Also, the soap dispenser is made of the same material. So, it provides you with a complete package.

Touchless Bathroom Faucet Vs. Manual Faucets

Fontana's touchless soap dispensers are a cut above the competition. The construction quality is excellent. They are made of solid brass, a highly robust metal that ensures construction quality and durability through extended years of professional use. Another feature that sets these touchless faucets apart from the competition is their functionality. They use infrared sensors to ensure convenience instead of the conventional valve system others use. Therefore, this makes the accuracy of the faucets next to none. As a result, water wastage is practically nonexistent. The moment you move your hands below the sensor, the water starts flowing and stops exactly when you move your hands away. The best thing is that the faucet even works when the water pressure is low, as it requires significantly less power.

Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Faucet

The benefits of touchless bathroom faucets are listed below. As previously stated, the items are primarily intended for commercial use. They will, however, fit wonderfully in your bathrooms if you have the funds for them. The modern and elegant designs will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.
These are some of the points that make these faucets beneficial for you:

  • All of our products are built to the highest standards. As a result, they will remain the same even after years of use.
  • When it comes to bathroom faucets, hygiene is one of the most critical considerations. These are primarily intended for business usage. As a result, contamination is a risk when many individuals use the same tap regularly. However, there is no contact in this scenario, and there is no contamination with superior hygiene.
  • Previously mentioned products promise that the infrared sensor is exceptionally accurate and will not cease operating after a specific time. As a result, it helps save a lot of liquid soap.
  • They are available in various styles and finishes that are both attractive and functional in any bathroom.
  • Moreover, they provide some additional features. You can get combos and a regular faucet in the form of a soap dispenser to ensure a 100% clean handwashing experience.

They are not only well-built, but the sensors and overall designs are also impressive. They are ideal for use in commercial settings such as kitchens, hotel bathrooms, and public restrooms. They're also a perfect fit for your house because of their contemporary style and wide range of design and color options. They are often costly, but the quality and patterns are well worth the investment.
How do the infrared sensors on Fontana sensor faucets differ from the regular sensors?
The speed of the infrared sensors is a lot more precise and easy to use than the usual sensors. Also, these automatic faucets stop the water immediately, once you remove the hand. Therefore, it ensures no water wastage, making these a perfect commercial product.

Are the touchless faucets easy to fit with standard using plumbing?

Yes, the touchless faucets have been built mainly for US plumbing, plus they offer contemporary designs that fit perfectly and are easy to use. Anyone can install this set with basic plumbing knowledge.

Do I need to have high water flow for the touchless faucets?

No, they will work fine with low water pressure as they require significantly less power to work; hence the water flow is always smooth.