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Touchless Bathroom Faucet With Temperature Control

No need to touch any handles or knobs. Touchless bathroom faucets streamline the entire process, making it easier and more sanitary for you. Motion sensors detect when your hands are near and automatically turn off as soon as they’re done washing at their regular preset temperature. When you feel like turning it back on, just wave again-no manual flips required! Plus, there’s now no chance of cross-contamination from touching the handle with those newly soapy mitts. No guesswork necessary: Bathroom experts recommend installing a new pressure valve that displays both volume and water pressure readings in pounds per square inch (PSI.

The mixing valve is hidden to avoid kids from tampering with it and hurting themselves. So stop pulling that lever every time you need hot water - just use the adjustable sensor! Plus, there's a convenient under-the-sink compartment for your batteries, so power leakage never has to be a concern either.

This is no ordinary faucet. The Touchless Bathroom Faucet with Temperature Control will provide you with a luxurious water temperature for all your needs while saving you space in the process. Setting the temperature of this faucet to your personal preference couldn't be any easier! All it takes is a touch of your hand-free without the need to hold down levers or turn knobs while standing on slippery surfaces or reaching sinks that are too high. You can take care of bathroom tasks effortlessly and enjoy increased flexibility by having one less appliance up at all times.

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