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Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostats are mostly used for the manipulation of water Temperature. This tool became the most essential part of the Kitchen, washrooms, and bathrooms. It is Installed at the end of the water tank, where it can control the temperature of the water. There are two sides of the water inlet in the valve. One is used for hot water and the second is for cold water. Water from both sides is originated from the water tank. In the winter season, it becomes difficult to use cold water, so the thermostat is used to mix water to normal Temperature or to get the specific Temperature. In summer the water got too hot that it becomes difficult to touch.

The thermostat will mix the hot water with cold water so that the temperature goes down. The thermostat usually consists of stem assembly, check module, plunger, seat, thermostat, funnel, spring. On both sides, a water inlet is installed and at the end of the thermostat mixed outlet is used to get water at a specific temperature. FontanaSensorFaucets provide a vast range of thermostatic mixing valves. We provide the best thermostat variety with a premium pricing policy. The quality of our product is comparatively much better than the market. The quality of the thermostat is highly sustainable and Reliable. The material used to manufacture it makes it rustless and stainless. The quality of the product is Never Compromised. The pricing of the product is most appropriate for the product provided. The best quality of our product is the only reason of customers trust on us

HighTech Thermostatic Mixing Valve