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Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The thermostatic mixing valve is the best product of Fontana that can fit in showers and faucets that allows the mixing of hot water with cold water to provide a safe shower with moderate temperature. They have stylish look and comes in a variety of finishing, including chrome and brass. It comes with a sleek appearance. Thermostatic Mixing Valve is made up of ceramic material that provides durability and reliability and makes them long-lasting. This Thermostatic Mixing Valve is safe in use and prevents scalding due to any drop of cold water. It comforts the user by providing safety and sudden temperature shocks that keep water hot throughout the bathing. It allows the customers to control the temperature degree.

Furthermore, it gives them maximum temperature protection by offering volume control along with temperature control. The thermostatic mixing valve is quite different from the pressure balance valve as it controls temperature to about +/-1 degree, and it provides the full flow on turning the valve ON. You can set the temperature also. It comes in different handle types such as single, double, and triple. They have a fixed support with a polished surface. When they fit in the wall along with the shower, they enhance the beauty of the place. They have an easy installation process. You can install them in public bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchen faucets. These valves come with 3- years warranty.

HighTech Thermostatic Mixing Valve