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Soap Dispenser Wall Mount

Regular handwashing is an essential part of our routine. Soap dispensers are a great addition to a public or commercial bathroom because they make the task of maintaining hygiene much more accessible. Soap dispensers come in wall-mount and deck-mount designs and maybe manual or automatic. Here, we cover everything about wall-mount soap dispensers.

Types of Wall Mount Soap Dispensers

Wall-mount soap dispensers are available in several types. The two main types of wall-mount soap dispensers are manual and automatic. Here are a few options of manual and automatic wall-mount soap dispensers for you.

1. Manual Wall-Mount Soap Dispensers

Manual soap dispensers feature a manual operation with a press or push pump to dispense the soap. You need to press the button or push the pump down to get the soap. Here are some options for manual wall-mount soap dispensers.

Refill ABS Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Refill ABS wall-mounted soap dispenser is a non-automated dispenser that is made from plastic material. This graceful white-colored manual soap dispenser is best for commercial use like hotels, restaurants, etc. This wall-mount manual soap dispenser is long-lasting and water-resistant. With a non-leaking outlet, it can be installed easily.

Wall-Mounted Manual Soap Dispenser of One Head

The wall-mounted manual soap dispenser is ideal for commercial kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used for shampoo or liquid soap. Chrome and White colors are available in this soap dispenser. It supports a long-lasting pump with a unique design and non-leaking technology. Moreover, it is simple and easy to install.

2. Automatic Wall-Mount Soap Dispensers

Automatic wall-mount soap dispensers offer a hands-free operation. They support a motion technology system that detects the presence of the hand and dispenses soap accordingly. While they can be a little expensive, they are the best for commercial use because it offers more hygienic operation. Here are some options for automatic wall-mount soap dispensers.

Fontana Rio Commerical Brushed-Nickel Brass Wall-Mount Automatic Soap Dispenser

Fontana Rio wall-mount automatic soap dispenser is a great automatic soap dispenser for commercial use that comes in a solid brass finish. This wall-mount automatic soap dispenser has an elegant brushed nickel finish. This automatic wall-mount soap dispenser is the best for commercial use because of its easy-to-use, solid, and durable build.

Sierra Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser Satin Nickel Finish

Sierra wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser is an automatic soap dispenser available in AC/DC and battery power options. It is suitable for liquid hand lotion and soap. This soap dispenser has an activated infrared, self-adjusting sensor for easy operation.

Applications of Wall-Mount Soap Dispensers

Wall-mount soap dispensers are becoming more popular for commercial use. These soap dispensers are found in commercial places like airports, hospitals, public restrooms, restaurants, offices, etc. If you’ve been to commercial places, we are sure you must have seen wall-mounted soap dispensers in the restrooms. These tend to be used because they reduce the risk of germ spread and are convenient and easy to use. Automatic and manual wall-mount soap dispensers are the ones often used. We have listed some of the best options for you.