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Soap Dispenser Automatic

As technology spreads to different fields and areas, bathrooms are never left behind. Automatic soap dispensers are one of the best additions to a modern bathroom. These modern dispensers don't need to be touched to start; just place your hand below it, and the soap will dispense. Automatic soap dispensers are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of the hand and give a specific amount of soap for each use.

Types of Soap Dispenser Automatic

1. Wall-Mount Automatic Soap Dispensers

Wall-mount automatic soap dispensers are installed on the wall next to the sink. Here are some of the options of the best automatic wall-mount soap dispensers.

Marsala Minimalist Brushed Gold Modern Sensor Soap Dispenser

Marsala Minimalist automatic soap dispenser is a convenient and easy-to-use automatic soap dispenser for commercial use. It is made from solid brass and supports an elegant gold finish. This deck-mount automatic soap dispenser can be used for commercial places like offices, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.

Fontana Rio Brushed Nickel Commercial Wall Mount Dual Automatic Sensor Faucet with Sensor Soap Dispenser

Fontana Rio commercial liquid soap dispenser is made from solid brass, supporting a graceful brushed-nickel finish. With the built-in filter, sundries are prevented from entering the valve, making the dispenser easy to clean and manage. The best uses of the Fontana Rio commercial wall-mount liquid soap dispenser are in commercial places to avoid unwanted touch. They can be used in hotels, restaurants, offices, public restrooms, etc.

2. Deck-Mount Automatic Soap Dispensers

Deck-mount automatic soap dispensers are installed on the sink directly. Here are some of the options you have for deck-mount automatic soap dispensers.

Platinum Thermostatic Motion Sensor Faucet Solid Brass Construction in Matte Black Finish

Matte Black commercial motion sensor thermostatic faucet is equipped with infrared technology that dispenses soap on your hands without needing to touch it. It has a light oil-rubbed bronze plated body which is durable and long-lasting. It is very convenient to maintain with its built-in strainer. The most common commercial uses are public facilities, offices, hospitals, and public restrooms.

Fontana Napoli Commercial Hands-Free Automatic Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

Fontana Napoli's commercial automatic liquid soap dispenser is one of the trendiest commercial bathroom soap dispensers that upgrades your bathroom with a modern look. Fitting ann US Standard plumbing, this liquid soap dispenser uses a super seal technology, delivering perfect performance with longevity guaranteed. This soap dispenser is ideal for use in offices, restaurants, etc.

Applications of Soap Dispensers Automatic

The applications of automatic soap dispensers are vast. Popularly used in commercial places, you will often see these dispensers in hospitals, offices, public restrooms, public facilities, airports, restaurants, etc.


Automatic soap dispensers are an interesting and modern addition to commercial bathrooms today. With their elegant look, easy usage, and reduced risk of germ spread, these dispensers are best for places with a lot of traffic. In the automatic soap dispensers, you have wall-mount and deck-mount designs. We have enlisted a few of the options above. We hope this list will help you find the best automatic soap dispensers that meet your needs.