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Smart Bathroom Faucet

The modern world has made a shift towards the use of tech-laden accessories for homes that covers almost every aspect including the bathroom. These smart accessories have made it easy for people to get their chores done. In the same lane, there has been a development in the use of traditional faucets, making a move to the newer, smart faucets. What are smart faucets and how are they used? Here is all you need you must know!

What are smart faucets for bathroom?
Today, there are several types of faucets that come under the category of "smart faucets". These are mainly touch faucets,digital, touchless faucets and a combo of both. As the name suggests, smart faucets make use of intelligent technology, sensors, to automatically turn the tap on or off. These faucets operate with touchless sensors that detect the presence of the hand and turn on, while turning off when they detect the absence of the hand. Some smart faucets are also touch system operated which means that they operate by the touch.

1- Fontana Sénart Tap Faucet Single Handle Cold Kitchen :
This sensor faucet is designed with grace and takes advantage of the modern technology. It is a single hand faucet with sensor touch feature. As little as a simple touch on the faucets spout, or body starts the faucet. It runs with 4AA batteries which are good enough to last for 1 year.

Single Handle Cold Kitchen with Sensor Touch Faucet in Chrome

Features of smart faucets
There are some general features of smart faucets that make them a good option to be used. While these features are several, here are some of the most apparent and useful ones.

  1. Battery operated
  2. Easy touch operated, or touchless
  3. Smart and elegant design
  4. Durable and long-lasting
  5. Easy-to-use
  6. Variety of styles and designs

Types of smart faucets
There are many types of smart faucets that are available in the market today. Based on the way they operate; we have the following major categories.

  1. Hands-free/touchless faucet
  2. The first type of smart faucet is the touchless faucet that are normally used for residential purposes. They are designed with infrared sensors that control the flow of water in the presence and absence of the hand.

  3. Digital faucets
  4. Digital faucets make use of digital displays to show the current water temperature. According to your preference, you can then adjust the temperature. They can be full units or can be add-ons that you can get and attach it to your faucet or sink.

  5. Combo faucets
  6. These faucets combine the features of both hands-free and digital ones, and hence can be an expensive option. This way they can save water in a better way.

  7. Touch faucets

As the name suggests, these faucets are touch faucets that work with a touch of the hand. They are suited for easy use because all you need to do to operate them is to touch your hand, palm etc.

2-Fontana Lenox Dual Sensor Faucet with Sensor Soap Dispenser
This electronic faucet is made from brass and is available with soap and water dispensers. Being a touchless faucet, it reduces chances of germ transfer by prevention from cross contamination of bacteria and germs. The faucet comes in a polished chrome finish with touch-free handling and a self-adjust feature to adjust according to the shape and color of the place.

Benefits of smart faucets
Considering the different types of smart faucets, there are many benefits that come forth. Some of these main benefits are as follows.

  1. Helpful for kids
  2. Smart faucets are an easy and suitable option for children. They can take benefit of the IR sensor and easily brush their teeth or wash their hands without the help of an adult.

  3. Water saving feature
  4. All types of smart faucets are ideal for saving water from being wasted. With easy touch or touchless support, these faucets turn on only when needed and hence save water from being wasted.

  5. Durable and long lasting

These touchless faucets are durable and long-lasting, hence require minimum repair and maintenance costs. Such faucets are easy to handle, durable and last long.

3-Fontana Sénart Commercial Automatic Motion Sensor Faucet & Automatic Deck Mount Sensor

This faucet and soap dispenser is an amazing blend for your bathroom. It makes use of advance technology reducing the chances of germ transfer and contamination.Making use of batteries, sensor faucets work with infrared sensors and are used commercially and residentially.

Automatic Motion Sensor Faucet - Automatic Deck Mount Sensor