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Sloan Wall Mount Sensor Faucet

The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) states that, “Handwashing causes a significant reduction in the carriage of potential pathogens on the hands.” Yet, according to APIC’s Guideline for Handwashing and Hand Antisepsis in Health Care Settings, proper handwashing occurs only about half as often as it should and usually for a shorter duration than recommended. For users to gain the most benefits from handwashing, specifiers should pay close attention to faucet details. Using Fontana Sloan Wall Mounted Faucet you minimize the waste of water. By using this electronically controlled Sloan Wall Mount Sensor Faucet eliminates the need to touch the handles. Through the use of sensor beams, the automatic faucet determines when the object is in front of it and automatically turns on. One of the features of this faucet is it is temporary on setting as you can click and hold the button for approximately three seconds and it starts operating. You can set the battery setting of the faucet for a minute or two as it completely depends upon your choice.

However, when you push the button back in and release it, the faucet is ready for normal use. For the background sensor measurement, it requires you to double click that puts it in the temporary off mode and the green light of the sensor turns red. Click, hold, follow the LED and once the LED starts flashing, after the fourth flash, release the button. It will allow water to flow and will shut off after a while automatically. Since there is nothing to touch and nothing to reach for an automatic Sloan wall mount Sensor faucet eliminates all that cleaning and disinfecting that you do to try to maintain your hygienic surface. Commercial Fontana Sloan Wall Mount Automatic Sensor Faucet features the brand name with its particular brand number with AC and DC power supply. The surface is available in Gold and silver and is quite easy to install as it is a single wall-mounted faucet. It operates on a 4AAC battery which runs for a longer time and the sensor system is infrared. This faucet fits in all the standards of US plumbing.