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Sensor Operated Lavatory Faucet

Stop touching faucets with dirty hands! How does it feel to know that you're entering your home or place of work and shaking everyone's hand with the last germ-filled thing you touched? The sensor-operated, battery-powered lavatory faucet has a post-mount single handle design to give you all of the convenience without needing any human intervention. A state-of-the-art sensor will turn it on when in close proximity to activate three-touch point operation technology for maximum efficiency.

Imagine walking into your building armed only with your cell phone, so no need for keys; just open the door, go straight forward past reception, and boom, bathroom already in range of high-frequency emissions ready to be activated by merely plugging in footstep power without any difficulty.

Every day that you shower with the water at max capacity, it's costing you more than just money. You're wasting tons of your hard-earned cash because wasted water costs 12 thousand dollars per year for a typical household! With our sensor-operated lavatory faucet, not only are you saving up to 20% of your water usage but also all the energy needed to provide it. That's why this product is so important for conserving water around your home so pick one up today and never worry about another bill again!

The faucet is a good piece of modern and stylish embellishment for offices, houses, and commercial uses. It gives a high standard with minimum energy usage with the highest results for your daily life.