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Sensor Faucet

In the technological world today, advanced products have emerged, even for commercial bathrooms and kitchens. One of the most popular and widely-used products is sensor faucets. These unique and modern devices are designed with sensors to detect hand motion and make the water run accordingly. You can always cut down on water wastage with sensor faucets while lathering, soaping, and scrubbing your hands. Here we’ve covered what you need to know about sensor faucets and a few options to select from.

Types of Sensor Faucets

The two main types of sensor faucets are deck-mount and wall-mount ones. While wall-mount sensor faucets are mounted on the walls directly above the sink, deck-mount faucets are mounted onto the sink itself. Here are a few options for deck-mount and wall-mount sensor faucets.

1. Deck-Mount Sensor Faucets

Deck-mount sensor faucets are commonly used in commercial places. Here are some of the options for deck-mount sensor faucets.

Fontana Commerical Brushed Gold Automatic Sensor Faucet

The Fontana commercial sensor faucet comes in a superb brushed gold finish that sets your restroom apart from the crowd. This touchless automatic sensor faucet is suitable for commercial use and comes with a 5-year warranty. You can easily use it for commercial places, including hospitals, restaurants, offices, etc.

Bravat Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet Chrome

Bravat commercial automatic sensor faucets is a high-end faucet for commercial use that comes in an elegant chrome finish. It is equipped with a sensitive smart-chip infrared sensor and solid brass construction that ensures durability. Moreover, it has a long-lasting battery and an advanced energy-saving design. This sensor faucet is perfect for commercial use and fits all US standard plumbing.

2. Wall-Mount Sensor Faucets

Wall-mount commercial sensor faucets are another option for selecting a good sensor faucet. Here are some of the best options for you.

Commercial Wall-Mount Automatic Motion Sensor Faucet in Chrome Finish

Commercial wall-mount automatic sensor faucet supports an excellent self-contained design with a mixing valve as well. This one-piece wall-mount design faucet is powered with an infrared sensor that self-adjusts as per the environment. The options of battery and elect are supported too. It is ideal for commercial applications like restaurants, public restrooms, offices, etc.

Fontana Commercial Wall-Mount Automatic Sensor Faucet Matte Black

Fontana commercial wall-mount matte black finish is a great commercial faucet that comes with a ceramic mixing valve. It supports a one-piece wall-mount design with an infrared sensor system. It includes battery-powered and elects options. The solid brass construction makes it a durable choice.

Applications of Sensor Faucets

The use of sensor faucets is mainly commercial to avoid unwanted touch and germ spread. These faucets are found in different commercial places, including restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, public restrooms, etc. Sensor faucets are a great addition to modern commercial bathrooms because of their upgraded, elegant look. The main types of sensor faucets are described above. We have also covered multiple deck-mount and wall-mount faucets that you can choose from. These faucets are most commonly used in commercial places like public restrooms, hospitals, etc.