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Sensor Controlled Taps

Conventional taps are the major source of spreading diseases through viruses, germs, and bacteria especially when you are using them in public bathrooms, restrooms, and all such commercial areas. When they are touched by the same lever again and again germs spread. Just to overcome this situation, Fontanasensorfaucets comes with the best and high-quality sensor-controlled taps. These sensor-controlled taps are operated by infrared sensor technology that immediately senses the presence of hand under spout and provides constant water flow. If they don't sense anything under the spout for a long time they turn off automatically and in this way, they save both energy and water. Due to the pandemic situation, they have become our basic requirement. These sensor-controlled taps are the best handwashing gadget for extreme hygienic environments at home and in commercial areas. You can control the water flow and temperature of the water. The indicator present on the taps determines the temperature of the water and other function such as power on, power off, and low battery. They are powered by AC 220V or DV 6V. Moreover, you can also turn on cleaning and thermal disinfection mode for cleaning that automatically turns off the sensor mode of taps. These taps are made of high-quality materials such as metal, chrome, stainless steel, and others with smooth and shiny finishes. They give a contemporary look to the place of attachment. These user-friendly taps are easy to install and operate and their battery can last for up to 7 years if they are used 150 times per day.

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