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Oil-Rubbed Bronze Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Oil-rubbed finishing on bathroom faucets increases their lives for a long time because of that material. Its strong buildup can easily handle corrosion and maintenance for years. Moreover, oil-rubbed finishing is less prone to rust. That's why these types of faucets are mostly used in commercial bathrooms. Let's help you get one of the best oil-rubbed commercial touchless bathroom faucets.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets

LAROMA all-in-one commercial bathroom faucet: This bathroom faucet is made with bronze material, but its oil-rubbed finish makes it more appealing and functional for a long time. Moreover, its amazing features, such as thermostatic control towards you and handling other settings, make it useful. The installation process is easy, and its functional ability is user-friendly.

Fontana Solo touchless bathroom faucet: This oil-rubbed bronze bathroom faucet has a solo design, which makes your bathroom look amazing every time one person sees it. That's why it is mostly installed in the public restrooms. Its touchless function helps people away from each other's germs contamination. It has standard US plumbing.

Fontana Rio gooseneck automatic faucet: This bathroom faucet has the ability to handle many things at the same time. Its water-saving design automatically controls water usage. It stops the system from working in case any tap is left open. These abilities make it amazing for commercial purposes. The installation is very easy with the easy-to-read manual. The oil-rubbed commercial touchless bathroom faucets can easily elevate the environment of any commercial bathroom.