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Motion Sensor Faucet

Faucets are something that is used every day. You use them before having your meal and of course, after finishing the meal as well. Can you guess the number of people touching the same faucets daily in a hotel or a restroom? Now you can imagine how unclean the faucet area becomes, so why not replace the touchless faucet with your current faucet? Yes, you can use a faucet that is safe from germs and bacteria. Let’s see the rundown below to learn more about the faucets with some best motion faucet examples.

1. Bravat Automatic Sensor Faucet

This faucet is made with solid chrome to ensure longevity and durability. With a decent style to fit anywhere in the hotels, this product also saves water from waste. The faucet is made with high technology, thus reducing the touch and making it safe from pollutants. This product can be easily installed in hotels, restaurants, and public restrooms as well.

2. Fontana Automatic Sensor Waterfall Faucet Gold Tone Finish

This automatic sensor faucet senses the item under it and reduces water wastage. Made with solid brass, this faucet is durable, clean, and easy to use. This faucet is also anti-corrosive and anti-rust, so there’s no chance of dirt sticking. This product is ready to be used in your office buildings, public restrooms, hospitals, and restaurants. This product also meets all US plumbing standards.

3. Fontana Alinea Polished Gold Tone Finish Sensor Faucet

This faucet comes with a high thermostatic technology that senses any change in outside temperature, halts scalding, and sets the required temperature when someone taps to use. This product also comes with a one-minute time-out sensor to stop flooding. It uses battery power or AC/DC power. You can use it in public restrooms, hotels, restaurants, and public facilities as it meets US plumbing standards.

4. Fontana Chrome Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet

Are you looking for a stylish and elegant faucet that fits the decor and the theme of your restroom’s kitchen and washroom? This product is the best to use. With 4 AA Alkaline batteries, you can enjoy the benefits for more than two years. Made with ceramic valve core, it can be used anywhere, like office buildings, hospitals, and restrooms.

5. Fontana Verona Cold & Hot Chrome Finish Touchless Bathroom Faucet

With an efficient sensor, the faucet turns off and on, immediately detecting the motion of the item under it as it ensures touchless functionality and thus provides a more hygienic service. Not only that, but auto flush and thermal disinfection are its significant features. Now you know all about the best faucets and how they provide value to your home. Happy using!


Are motion sensor faucets worth it?
These faucets create no mess and reduce touch, thus making them the most suitable choice for your kitchens, washrooms, restaurants, and offices.

How do motion sensor faucets work?
There are valves attached around the faucet. When the sensor detects the signal, the valves open and flow; on the other hand, the valves remain closed, allowing no water to flow.

How can you make a faucet touchless?
Yes, touchless faucets work using an AC/DC battery with a hard-wired connection.

Do motion sensor faucets need electricity to work?
Sure, they need a power source to work and become functional. Some faucets use dry-cell batteries, while others use low-voltage current from an AC transformer.

Do touchless faucets break easily?
No, these faucets come with solid construction to ensure durability. However, sometimes, touchless faucets break due to some battery issue or the power issue inside them, but you can fix it with the help of assistance.