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Motion Sensor Commercial Automatic Faucets

Motion sensor commercial automatic sensor works with infrared technology that senses the motion of hand to initiate the water flow. It is an automatic type of faucet. When you remove the hand from the sensor, it stops the flow of water. Thus, these are wonderful options to save water. You don’t find any wattage of the water. Moreover, the automatic sensor faucets are best to install in commercial bathrooms because there is no chance of spread of the disease. As one doesn’t have to touch the handle or knob, thus one cannot able to touch another person’s germs. Thus it prevents the spread of the disease.

We have a wide variety of automatic faucets with different designs from simple to complex. Explore our catalog to find the best set to display in public toilets. These are durable and sturdy in construction. You can find brass material faucets with long-lasting finish options. These include the chrome, bronze, stainless steel, rose old, or matte black finish. All look luxurious and attractive. Usually in spas, restaurants, hotels, and other luxury public places you will find these exotic pieces. You can install it in commercial places and offer advantages to the public. Contactless hand washing not only saves energy, save water bills as well as save water wastage. Thus, it is now recommended to have an installation of these pieces in public areas to prevent the spread of diseases, especially during the covid condition. It will help prevent the spread of the virus and the public stay safe.