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Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

The auto sensory bathroom faucet has a wide trust range, and the safety of the design meets the standards. It prevents the cross-infection caused by germs. The overall design and safety measures prevent outrage of infections. The handle is very tough, unique in appearance, and ensures safety due to immense pressure. The body is convenient, lean and installation is straightforward—moderate weight but efficient well.

Features and Working:
Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet has a wide range of detection of hand movement. It turns on and off automatically due to the lavatory of hands. You can push the hands away after washing hands. Adjustable temperature control mechanism mixes the water according to the weather outside. Hot and cold water both performs and works well. Deck thickness is flexible and moderate.

Instructional installation procedure makes the whole setup simple. The affordability never compromises with the quality and performances. All the essential accessories are added to facilitate the process even after installation. The threads of premium standards and the US standard material are added to the manufacturing design. The covering of the faucet is very high quality to enhance the working style.4AA alkaline batteries are the powerful tools ever for this item.

Due to mount wall installation, the faucet has a long length. But the sensor detects the hands far away and worlds with fantastic performance. It’s ADA compliant and meets the international and US standards. Wide range of applications in kitchens, washrooms, and offices.

Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

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